First redesigned character:

and after:

This went in such a different direction than I expected, as you can probably tell. I didn’t have a specific design in mind when I started other than something that would be loosely based on the spiky-headed, H-wearing original and have some kind of disgustingly hyper-masculine theme that would be reminiscent of the action movie and video game heroes of my youth.

I started with the idea of the big faceplate and thought at first that I might go for some kind of space marine look. The helmet turned out looking like a condom or rubber nipple by complete accident, but for some reason I kind of liked that so I ran with it.

What was originally going to be some kind of H-shaped armored chest piece accidentally turned into a skimpy chest harness, which somehow made me think of He-Man, which suddenly ended up being the basis for the body. I just found it hilarious that this guy would have this deformed muscle man body and skimpy clothes that were entirely impractical for space travel and made no real sense for a guy in a space helmet to be wearing. As I was drawing that it suddenly occurred to me that this dude needed massive pointy nipples. For no reason at all other than self-amusement.

I hadn’t drawn any arms yet because I was still unsure about what I was going to do there to work with the 360 degree aiming system, so I just moved on to the underwear. Originally I had him wearing tighty-whiteys because again, completely impractical yet hilarious, but then inspiration hit me. What if I gave him futuristic technological underwear? That way he could have a gun-dick like the early enemy designs! What could be more grossly impractical and testosterone-filled than mechanical underwear with guns?

In the course of drawing that I also ended up accidentally making it look vaguely like a robot face, so I thought fuck it, now his underwear is also a sentient AI! He’ll be a whole separate character! Why not? What about the arms though? Hmm…well, if he’s not going to use his arms then how about some tiny little T-Rex arms that’ll comically flap around as he runs?

And there you have it. Thus were He-Ron and Testeclon born. There may be some minor alterations in the future if needed to make a smaller scaled down sprite version look better, but this is pretty much the final design for the player character.

This took quite a long time to put together since I had to bumble my way through creating it piece by piece in Illustrator due to me have little to no actual talent for drawing, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

This is just one tiny step in the larger scheme of things though. Hell, it’s just one tiny step just in terms of this character in the game, as now I have to create all the different animation sets for running, jumping, shooting, and etc. Oh boy, this is going to take a while…

To be continued…

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